Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Big Chop

I decided it was time to do away with relaxers, dyes, and other hair assassins i religiously employed to kill my hair..., and boy did they do it well. I really didn't give it much thought, or think about it, or even research it - it just felt right, as i knew it was the next step for my hair. So, i took my weave off, went to empire beauty salon, and the lady who was assigned to so my hair was reluctant at first...i assured her i was completely ready for it. She got out her scissors and cut a considerable amount of whilst watching my facial reaction. I really wasn't phased by it, so she proceeded with clippers and shaved the hair completely bald - I was overjoyed. My reaction was nothing short of relieve, liberation and contentment. 

Its been four months since i got the big chop and i haven't looked back since then. Though sometimes i get days were i don't feel very pretty, (i don't wear make up and rarely wear jewelries, except on occasion), so looking feminine is sometimes out of the question. I have invested in hats, scarves and various hair accessories and that has really helped the "feeling ugly days" alot.  I realized i started to pay more attention to my skin and hair. For the first few months, i never really did anything but just wash the was constantly dry and as a result,  began to break. So i took the bull by the horns and went researching. The information i got was very overwhelming to say the least but what i saw that was consistent in every blog and YouTube video, was the application of essential oils to the hair as moisturizer, deep conditioning once a week and leave in conditioner. So i changed my messed up routine for - washing my hair and deep conditioning (by applying a mixture of tea tree oil and organic root stimulator olive oil replenishing conditioner on my hair for an hour) and applying leave in conditioner once a week. In-between that i apply palmer's olive oil formula gro therapy with extra virgin olive oil, to keep my hair from drying off.  I immediately noticed a reduction in breakage and my hair now feels soft...i literally can now run my hand through my nappy hair, which is a feat in my book.

I don't know how much hair is supposed to grow per month, but mine's about 3 - 3.5 inches long...depending on the area. I never had much hair on the front sides of my hair but now its pretty much covered up. So i'm happy about that. Cutting my hair is about the best hair decision i have ever made and i honestly cannot wait till i have a major fro....i'm going to rock it like i invented it. No more chemicals, nothing and now that my hair is long enough for braids, i would love to try out loosed twist braids for the summer (emphasis on the loosed, no more tight braids) -and that should be pretty awesome.  

Tiny Miyo


The Corner Shop said...

Yikes! Talk about courageous. I've actually been thinking about doing this but i'm too scared of looking like a sec school student lol

Thanks so much for checking my blog out. Yours is great1


Tosin said...
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Ag said...

Good Luck on your natural hair journey! Your hair will needs loads of patience, tender care, and love....but its worth it! Trust me!!!

ABIGAIL NY said...

Look good with or without the hair! :)

The Young Radicals said...

thank you so much for your comments. Yes yes yes..patience is what i do need to employ.

God bless and thanks for visiting.