Wednesday, April 6, 2011


You know those songs you listen to and just feel the need to cry or resort to a nostalgic state...yeah, Kirsty MacColls remake of the Kinks, days, is one of those songs that just does it for me. Before i discovered the gems   that was the British Invasion of the sixties, as a kid i listened to MacColls version first, so I've always preferred hers. It brings back so many memories of growing up in Lagos; watching MTV Europe,  my neighborhood, and my primary school.   It's been over 10 years since i heard her version....just recently saw it on YouTube by luck, so its only natural i share it.

Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.
I'm thinking of the days,
I won't forget a single day, believe me. 

Tiny miyo

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