Sunday, April 17, 2011

Engagement Ring

Today on twitter, a very interesting question was asked to the ladies on my timeline, and i thought i share it. The question was, what's the least amount we would accept from our significant other for an engagement ring. Someone replied, £250  (~ $407) result of that she got barrage of insults from random ladies, saying she must think lowly of herself or just trying to get favors from the guys. She defended herself by saying she isn't really big on rings, as they are not important to her or a measurement of their love, so spending anything over a thousand pounds is just stupid to her. She also pointed out that the money could be used for something more important than jewelries. 

Well, i do agree and disagree with her. I am not particularly big on rings either and i also don't see any logic in spending massive amounts of money on an engagement ring, when it could be invested in something more tangible, like a car, house or even towards the wedding. Where i slightly disagree with her is that, although i don't believe the price of an engagement ring correlate with love talkless of being its measurement, personally i think i deserve something good and if he is able to afford that something good, then why not go for it. I don't expect a million dollar ring, neither do i want a 200 dollar ring. Not especially, when i know he is able to afford it without breaking the bank or getting a second mortgage for it, etc. It won't make me love him any more or less..., but then again,  where it gets complicated is that,  if i know he can afford a $3000 ring with no issues whatsoever, and he shells out $150 for a ring as a symbol of our future commitment, then i think we'd have long talk on selfishness, and frugality...but thats another topic.
Would love to know your thoughts on this.

Tiny Miyo

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neefemi said...

If you put it that way I agree with youu. I've always said I want the key to a house rather than a ring cos I don't want anything extravagant & I'm sure to lose it. But u make sense when u say if he can afford it, he should be able & willing to shell it out. Thanks for stoppping by my blog.