Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet the bloggers

Meet 'Biodun.
Sweet and charming guy who is gaga about politics, tech-y geeky stuff, arsenal, shoes, history, and all things music...and Tika Sumpter (not sure what he finds in her *shrugs*). He is the brainchild of the very popular NigerianHipHop.net, and now one half of the young radical team, which is absolutely fabulous because he is a walking genius and has whole lot to share.  Huey currently resides in Europe (Belgium) pursuing his second degree and as a result, speaks every language under the sun...okay, not every language but he is fluent in Yoruba, dutch, German and French....and i'm pretty sure he know a little bit of Swahili. Did i mention he made his computer from scratch. See, told you he was a genius. I should just stop here, before i begin to sound like a profile for e-harmony. 

Meet Miyo.
As if you haven't seen enough pictures of me already. For one, i don't like to talk much about myself, but i can say this -  I am an admirer of fashion, pictures, and the novelty.. i also sew but have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine its crazy. The best way to describe me would be random and sharing those random thoughts, pictures, ideas, etc is what i'd love to do best on this blog, so it gives me great pleasure when you visit and go even further by commenting on a post.  

We hope to share more than just ideas and thoughts or whatever it may be on this blog for as long as we can and hope you join us in this little part of our journey. 

Here's to you. 

Tiny Miyo


The Corner Shop said...

It's good to meet you, Young Radicals! :D :p


Hueyflygerian said...

It's good to meet you as well Adiya. I hope you're alright?

Olori said...

i love heuy already. u had me at arsenal :) and u look pretty too miyo. sewing tips will be much appreciated :)

The Young Radicals said...

i'll be posting sewing tips pretty soon.

thanks for your comment, your blog is pretty neat (@olori)

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Pleased to meet all of you! Looking forward to reading all your thoughts!

Hueyflygerian said...

Thanks for visiting our blog Olori and Mena. I will definitely take the time out to go through your individual blogs.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. Just stumbled on it and started reading back to back. Nice guys.