Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Jeans

I had these old Bongo jeans  i got way back in 2004 or so, but I barely wore them because it looked like mom jeans on me, so i decided to cut it and make it more "my style"

crabby old mom jeans, x_x

Armed with a scissors and ruler i went snipper happy and cut it all off

And i can wear it with absolutely anything

...sure plaids are nice, but its even better with blazers..

Tiny Miyo


Beeba said...

omg ,i was telling my friend a few days ago that we could do this , but we would get it wrong , gna try it this way tomorrow yay Shorts !!

The Young Radicals said...

awesome, you should totally go for it. just don't cut too short though, cut it, try it on, and cut it again until your desired length is achieved.

goodluck, and thanks for visiting.