Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

To commemorate the royal wedding of prince Williams and his very lovely bride, Catherine (now duchess of Cambridge). I shall showcase several different famous/iconic wedding dresses throughout the past centuries.  

Queen Victoria, 1840.
She is credited for being the one to start the trend for women to wear white on their wedding day (which i don't find surprising considering her influence on an era named after her). Jane Bidney designed the famous white satin with lace and orange flowered wedding dress.

Grace Kelly, 1956.
Hollywood royalty, Grace Kelly looked absolutely stunning in this MGM, (yes MGM the movie studio) designed dress made by then head designer, Helen Rose. She was certainly born for that royal role...and she played it well.

Audrey Hepburn, 1957.
Okay, so this isn't her wedding dress, but a Givenchy wedding dress from the movie, Funny face starring Fred Astiare and the beautiful Hepburn. PS: Look at that waist, it's was so tiny. Incredible.

Audrey Hepburn, 1952.
Any fan of Audrey, would know that this dress has its own little story behind it. It's the wedding dress she famously gave away in other to pursue her choice.  It was designed by the Fontana sisters, but Audrey never got married in it... because she called off the engagement, so she donated it to a young Italian girl.

Princess Diana, 1981.
I really hate this dress, even Diana couldn't pull it off. Designed by Elizabeth Emanuel, the ball gown screams 80's, frumpy, creased, over the top way much too much. And that's not my thing..although, you cannot avoid the fact that its infact very iconic.

Jacqueline Kennedy, 1953.
Style queen and trend setter, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy didn't fail in this wedding dress which was designed by an African American designer, Ann Lowe. 

Wallis Simpson, 1937.
I personally not a fan of Wallis Simpson's choices (she was a Nazi sympathizer). She is famous for being the american divorcee who married the future king of England. He left his throne in order to marry her. You can say he choose his love for her over the throne.  

Carolyne Kennedy, 1996
Stunning Narcisco Rodriguez dress. It's simple, classic and timeless. 

and Last but not least

Catherine Middleton, 2011.
Just like Grace Kelly, she looked like a queen. Very beautiful fit, a perfect choice for her, designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander Mcqueen. I'm pretty sure he would be very happy about  this..wherever he is.

Tiny Miyo


The Corner Shop said...

Kate looks great, though i thought the dress should have had just a little bit more imagination- even Grace Kelly's dress was more imaginative than hers. But all in all, she looks very classy. Happy for them


Loved Jackie O's dress!

The Young Radicals said...

yes, true..but im sure she the last thing she wanted to was to break protocol.

grace Kelly's dress was just too fabulous.