Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 dollar blazer

Okay so, i got this blazer from the salvation army for like 3 bucks... and it was on half off Wednesday. So you can imagine how overjoyed i was to get it for absolutely nothing. I haven't officially worn it out yet (i'm still in my hobbit phase), but i cant wait to mix and match it with pieces from my closet. Whats more interesting about the blazer is that its quite light, so i can wear it in the dead of summer....plus i would not need to worry about being caught in the same outfit with a bunch of notorious mall shoppers.

love the little details

blazer: BGB ltd

Tiny Miyo


Oh my Dior! said...

you are so lucky to have that blazer is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

$3, wow. I should expand my shopping horizon to thrift stores. You look nice.

'Biodun said...

Another addition to your exquisite collections mimi. It looks good on you :)

Ms♥Infamous said...

nice blazer, i like ur hat too :)

Billie Monroe said...

this blazer fits your body so well!! i love how you paired it with that great hat!!!