Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Biotin Story

Anyone who's interested in growing their hair, must have come across biotin...
look familiar?...Anyhoo, this wonder vitamin H, is essential for hair and nail strengthening, and many other fascinating stuff. So i got a very

Since I'm very much involved with hair and its growth, i thought it would be an awesome idea to add biotin as part of my daily multivitamin regime. So i drive on to target get my hands on the first biotin i could find and begin to use it almost immediately. 
With happy thoughts i begin to think...hmm
I'm sure to definitely go from
  to no time at all....(sorry Mr. President).

A couple of weeks into using biotin, the wonder drug...I got results. YUP!!!Results.




See the thing is i have never had issues with acne before, even in my teenage years. Then at 24, all of a sudden i get cystic acne (yeah the most painful kind). Not sure how it happened or what i took or did wrong, all i know is that it just came overnight.  I used everything from the oil cleansing method to proactive to prayers...yes prayers.  I finally came to the conclusion that it was as a result of hormonal imbalance. Even got mentally prepped to start with the pills.

Months passed and i still had this never left, infact it came more and more....i felt so insecure about face...i mean, the acne was HUGE and painful....still is, yeah i still have 'em. Keep in mind i have been taking my biotin pills everyday since March.

Long story story short, a couple of days ago, i went online to investigate on the possible side effect of biotin.  Everywhere i went, said there were no possible side effects of biotin. infact it was safe to take during pregnancy. So it couldn't possibly be biotin. Then i googled biotin and acne, and boyyyyy was i shocked. Forums, notes, comments, Youtube Videos....many of them with users complaining about how biotin, the wonder drug for hair...caused cystic acne. :(
All these while, i was taking biotin to help with my hair and as a result i basically was destroying my skin. *double sad face*

Its been 2 days since i stopped taking biotin, i'm hoping that my face will slowly but surely clear up. Because i cannot deal with this kind of acne no more. Its really annoying.

The moral of this story

  • Before you get a multivitamin or any supplement, please do thorough research
  • You might want rethink taking those biotin pills, if you do have them. (i am not saying you shouldn't take it because my brother takes it without and hasn't had any acne issues, but he swears it has increased his appetite...yeah, thats another side effect web-MD failed to mention).
  • Consult your physician....really, consult one before you take those fancy natural shit.

Tiny Miyo


The Corner Shop said...

wow! Really?? And i thought multivitamins were the safest drugs ever! Thanks for sharing


'Biodun said...

I know you’re self-conscious about your appearance but with time your face will be back to the way it was before you started taking biotin. ;)

H.A.W said...

Oh wow... So sorry

Anonymous said...

Truth is biotin withouta lot of water will result in acne.. Its a water soluable vitamin if its not coupled with the water used to break down the pill it will take the water from your body, clogging your pores (clogged pores means a build up of oil and dirt that cause pimples lol)