Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dress too tight

I love a sexy figure, and more importantly i love a woman who embraces her curves. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashians, Sofia Vergara and co. are just a few celebrities that are not not only proud of their curves, but celebrate it. You can easily see that from the way they dress, to the way they dress...nothing hidden, all 8's no 1's (body shape). Personally, i think its awesome because i am sick and tired of the saturated hollywood look; size 00 , skinny white girl look, that rules all of Hollywood and beyond. But what happens when these superbly built celebrities with the body of Venus go a bit too far with flaunting their curves by wearing too tight clothes. Thats what happened to Beyonce at the 2011 MET gala held last night. She wore a dress by Peter Dundas of Pucci - while i thought she looked great in pictures, i couldn't help but notice how very tight the dress was, so tight that she couldn't walk up the stairs without the help of her husband and a couple of other people. As a result of her predicament, she couldn't stop to take pictures and got booed by the paparazzi (unnecessary boos). Although I still think she looked great (i mean with that body you can't do no wrong), i just wished she wore something less expected. *sigh* the things we do for fashion.

Tiny Miyo


Naijamum in L. said...

The thing is fashion is not always about comfort.
She should have taken the venue (especially the stairs) into consideration when she chose the dress.
This is not a 'walking' dress. It is a 'gliding' dress! LOL

The Young Radicals said...

lol @ gliding dress...im telling you. maybe she should have taken a page from lady gagas book and have some men carry her ...beats walking. lol

Mbabazi said...

dress too tight for her own good. see my comments on more clothes worn at the MET

kiran said...

its a totally gorgeous dress but might more flattering in a bigger size.. she might have gotten away with it if she smaller boobs..everything just looks all smushed up and uncomfortable.


The Corner Shop said...

Heh! She really didn't have to. Must have been uncomfortable as hell