Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beautiful Imperfection (I'm sure Asa will pardon me)

Historically, Belgium was Europe’s battlefield and it was in fact one of the three provinces of Gaul during the coronation of Julius Caesar. The country’s distinctiveness to an extent is a curse because of the never-ending tension between the French-speakers (Walloons) and the Dutch-speakers (Flemish). It is already a divided country and it is only a matter of time before it implodes. The division is so obvious in meaningless things like how they name their streets. The French-speaking regions “rue (street)” will become “straat” in the Flemish-speaking regions. As if that is not enough - different public transport companies operates in both regions. I can continue but that’s not the reason why I created this post. I created the post because of my admiration of their exquisite architectures. Below are few of the pictures that I took a while ago while taking a photo walk with a friend in Brussels.

Check out the rest of the pictures here.



The Young Radicals said...

you should take more pictures. You're really good for an amateur

Beeba said...

oh this is soo beautiful
*some type of gasm*

i should really take a holiday

The Corner Shop said...

Beautiful!!!!! Would love to see it for real