Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pin Ups

Icons that come to mind when the word, pin up is mentioned is Bettie Page and Betty Grable and a bevy of stars from the silver screen.

Bettie Page & Betty Grable

As much as i like these iconic women, they are not my point of interest today. Being that the popular pinups, from yesteryears were far less diverse due to so many issues that we all know to well about, I'd love to dedicate this post to the "forgotten", unsung lesser known black pin up models that rocked that era. Thanks to African American photographers, Howard Morehead, and Cass Carr (who also one the first photographers responsible for Bettie Page) who revolutionized the pin up industry and show cased African American women. 

Black is truly beautiful.
And to think this was once thought of black models

For more pictures, visit VintageSleaze.

source/photos: Jim Linderman

Tiny Miyo


The Corner Shop said...

Love this post! Modelling must have been hard for colored girls then oh


Victor Minx and Friends said...

Thanks. All images from my series on Vintage Sleaze called AFRO ANTICS.
There simply WERE no Women of Color doing pinups before the 1960s, so I decided to research why and came up with some good stories. The ten part series can be found on my daily blog VINTAGE SLEAZE http://vintagesleaze.blogspot.com
and search The Black Pinup of Afro Antics.
Jim Linderman

Dith said...

Love the pictures.
I have a thing for vintage pictures

The Young Radicals said...

thank you all, and most especially all thanks to Mr. Linderman for showcasing the lovely pictures to the rest of the world. i look forward to reading more about it.