Monday, May 23, 2011

Run The World

I was unable to watch Beyoncé’s Billboard Awards performance yesterday but TinyMiyo was giving me a live update of what was happening. We are not fans of her music but her talent and class was something that we find hard to refute. Watching her performance now struck a chord, as music legends and Michelle Obama praised her accomplishments as an entertainer and a role model to not just women but young girls around the globe that she is verily a great woman.

The message of her new single “Run The World (Girls)” can be subjected to wildly different interpretations, depending on whom you are talking to or the listener but I am an advocate of women's empowerment. It can be argued that women do not occupy many high-level positions in various sectors of any country's economy and as such they don’t RUN THE WORLD. But the story of the French Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde - who is emerging as the leading contender to run the International Monetary Fund after the resignation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a typical example of why I believe women should be empowered. Equality shouldn’t necessitate the dominance of one sex over the other but my only problem is that some indignant feminists out there use the theme “empowerment of women” for personal therapy because of the way they were maltreated in the past. What they deemed unjust is the similar thing that most of them perpetrate with their words, behaviors and actions. Not that I blame most of them but a positive movement to empower women shouldn't be used to pursue a "personal vendetta" against men.

If Beyoncé can refer to Jay-Z as her best friend then he must have a huge impact in her life not just as her husband but also as her colleague in the entertainment world. It is all about being there for one another and providing a shoulder that each other can lean on in life. There is a common adage that says ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman.’ I think now is the time to reverse that saying and change the world's sexual orientation and educate men to be supportive of women with aspirations - not just those with aspirations but also those with little or no education.


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