Friday, May 27, 2011

You Are...

You are strangely beautiful,
Like a pearl necklace
Waiting to be worn and appreciated

You are that pure morning dew
That sits calmly on a dainty violet
The crystalline droplet
That add richness to earth’s dryness

You are every man’s wish
The reason they all stop
To catch a second glimpse

You are a Tulip
As far as the eyes can see
The exquisite July-flower,
That put smiles on lover’s face

You are unusual,
Like a shooting star
That drops elegantly into my view
At night time
Myriads of stars in the night skies
But you are what I call E PLURIBUS UNUM

Written by: Abiodun Oketunji.


Aby ♥ said...

I like!!
especially the way you use earthly things as a metaphor for the lady - pearls, tulips, violet etc. Makes her seem so natural in her beauty, so comforting, close to home, none of that extra artificial-ness
and the contrast of saying she is one of many counteracts her beauty/presence.
Suddenly she's not longer all that special, the men turn to look at a lot of women and a lot of women make their lovers happy so even if you dont get her this time
she is e pluribus unum.
Love it.
Would love to hear this poem as spoken word
Good job, keep them coming x

'Biodun said...

Thanks Aby. I'm glad that you love it. :)

I wrote it for a friend a while ago so it is actually not a new poem. Hopefully, I will be inspired to write again soon.

The Young Radicals said...

i love the simplicity of the poem, very inspiring

'Biodun said...

Thanks mimi. I need to dig up some of the ones you inspired and put them up. ;)