Saturday, May 7, 2011

Your name is my name

Your name is my name is a documentary by Osato Dixon. It chronicles the life of albinos in Africa. Below is an excerpt from the film - Its only five minutes long, but during those few minutes, i realized that even though i complain about how hard life can get for me sometimes...there are people, children in this world in worse situation and hope is all they can hang on. Very moving clip...I'm sure you'll be moved as much as i was by the lil' kid (kefas).

Tiny Miyo


The Corner Shop said...

I saw a documentary by an Albino NGO 'Under the Same Sun'. It was such an eye-opener!


Hueyflygerian said...

Kefas story mirrors the struggle of so many outcasts and their unshaking spirit. This is emotional and revealing.

Bombchell said...

I'm afraid I'll cry if I watch it.

Dee O. said...

This is such a beautiful documentary! I saw it a few weeks ago via tumblr's truly moving


Aby ♥ said...

Oh wow,
Albinos in Nigeria seem to not have a life as hard as this.
This is so emotional