Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christy Essien Igbokwe

Its a sad day in Nigerian music world. Christy Essien Igbokwe, the lady of songs has passed away. I grew up in Nigeria, so her songs (especially seun rere) where part of my childhood memories.  I don't speak a word of Yoruba but i know every line to her famous songs. Many years have passed and i still have her song on repeat on my iPod - Very nostalgic, timeless and classic. There was something so comforting about her voice, it sort of feels like home, like being embraced and advised my your mother. She really was a rare gem and beautiful part of Nigerian evergreen Music history. Although she recently passed at the age of 50, i would like to personally thank her for the music, and the memories that still bring tears to my eyes. You rock Christy!!
Rest in Peace


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ari turns 30

My friend Arinze, the brainchild and owner of turned 30 this weekend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARINZE!!! ^_^.
He planned out this amzing weekend for himself and his friends but plans changed due to the sudden death of his childhood friends (RIP:( ). So, he decided to have an intimate dinner at Aja with only a few of his very close friends.

Of course i had to take pictures of myself before we left. ^_^ im such a photowhore *shrugs*

The birthday boy and his girl :)

The Venue (Aja)

the menu

The food...

...And friends, (well, just a few...not sure if the rest would want their pics online) was such good fun, we had a blast and that's about it. 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Christian Louboutin Celebrates art

Photographer Peter Lippmann has collaborated with Christian Louboutin again to shoot the new louboutin campaign. Here they pay tribute to a few, yet iconic classic paintings. I wasn't familiar with a couple of them but i think they did a pretty neat job in recreating art and enlightening us in the process.

Francisco De Zurbaran - "St. Dorothy"

Jean-Marc Nattier - "Marquise D'Antin" 

Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot - "Portrait of a Girl"

Marie-Guilleme Benoit - "Portrait d’une Negresse" 

Georges de la Tour - "Magdalene and the Flame"

François Clouet - "Elisabeth of Austria"

James McNeil Whistler - "Whistler's Mother"

How cool is that.

source: andamos


Sunday, June 19, 2011

African print clutch purse

With no prior knowledge of how to make a clutch purse, I decided to try to make my very first diy clutch purse. It really isn't to fancy and it didn't take much time at all (about 20-25 mins). That's pretty fast for lil ol' slow me, lol.

You'll need:
Glue gun + glue sticks
Felts ( 4 felts ...they sell for 39cents at joann fabrics)
sewing machine (or need and thread, if machine unavailable)

First, fold the material in two

Join 2 felt pieces together and place it on top of the maeterial to get a general idea of the desired shape

Join the remaining 2 felts together and place it on top of the material, just above the first felt.
Next trace out a line, for cutting

Trace out  an extra line just above the felts.

Now cut the material, using the traced line as an outline

Remove the felt and place it inside the material

Fold the Material, using the felt as a guideline

Iron each folded part and pin sides.

Sew sides together, then turn it inside out and iron to flatten it out
It should look exactly like this.
Now, use a glue gun to glue the Velcro to the bag (serves as a lock for the bag) 
Glue any other opening or raw edges.

And Voila, my very own diy African Print Clutch Bag


Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

When your intentions are misunderstood even your good deeds will be considered as bad, and having your intentions misunderstood has within it the seed of its own ruination. It is the crippling paradox of the choices that you made while planning and executing your intentions. Those choices will determine how those around you will perceive your intentions in the long run.
It would be difficult for you to assure anyone that you meant well when you have already been labeled as an ill-willed person. But taking responsibility for your actions will be your personal journey towards a clear conscience and peace of mind. For when all is said and done, you are an imperfect human with a beautiful soul and if no one is ready to overlook your imperfections – apologize for you actions, forgive yourself, and take it as one of your lifelong lessons. Live, Love, Learn, and Grow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost ones

Lauryn Hill maybe over the hill gaga at this point but at some point in the last century she spoke words of truth that you could bump too. You never can go wrong with that.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girl, you'll be a woman soon...

Who would have thought Emma Watson would go from cute lil smarty pants Hermione... a glam Robert palmer-esque model looking goddess, yeah i said goddess cause that's how she looked on the new issue of US Vogue.

I know its a photo shoot, but if i were her, i'd be keeping this look for sure.

source: dailymail


Monday, June 13, 2011

Everybody Dance

I like to workout, i find it repfreshing and cathartic - whenever i need to clear my mind and body, i exercise...its makes me feel better. My only problem is that i get bored easily, teh routine does suck sometimes and as a result of that, i get demotivated. After so many years, i realized the only way to keep me motivated is to do things l really love and incorporate it into my exercise routine. Easy!! i love to clean and i love listening to music.
The cleaning part is pretty much self explanatory..because you burn calories while clearing up the house (Which i think is a great 2 for one deal).
I also like to think i am musics greatest fan,^_^ i love to listen to a good tune all day everyday and i found this to be the most effective way to burn fat and keep fit without losing motivation.
Just put your ipod on random shuffle, listen to the radio, youtube, any medium what so ever...hell, you can get like Beyonce or pre-Kevin Ferderlin Britney Spears (as in my case) and learn all their choreography. Just get dancing and before you know it 20, 30 minutes already gone and you'd be sweating profusely.
What works for me is good ol on the surface cheesy music with a great beat..ace of base, hadaway,no mercy, la bouche, are just a few that always keeps me moving and the results are fabulous.

90'S DANCE MUSIC...that should get you on your feet ^_^

Try learning the dance routine to this video until you get it, and tell me if you wouldnt feel a difference. It's awesome.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Natural remedies

I love natural remedies, i even love them more because its cheap (el cheapo here), and readily available (most of the ingredients needed are almost always in your pantry). More importantly there are a ton of them out there, just waiting on you to try them out...i mean whats the worst that could happen anyways, right? You just have to find what works best for you. Since i am on a journey to get my face back to where it was before my biotin disaster Here are a few tips know i can stand by.
  1. Lemon juice: add lemon juice to cotton ball and dab on pimple several times a day to get rid of acne.
  2. Oatmeal face mask: mix about half a cup of dry oatmeal with water, to make a paste and apply to skin for about 15 mins, then rinse with water. this makes for an awesome facial mask.
  3. Visine: or any eye drop available. Dab it on acne to reduce redness, just as it does for the eyes. Ice and lemon juice also help in reducing redness too.
  4. Oil cleansing method: mix an equal blend of castor oil and extra virgin oil. Castor oil on skin helps to draw out dirt and bacteria trapped on pores, while extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants and acts as a moisturizer. Massage the oil mix on face for a few minutes. For instructions on how to do the cleansing method, click here.

For more natural tips and remedies, visit Poineer thinking


Sunday, June 5, 2011

My First Handbag

I purchased this cute Lil' Burberry bag from the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I had to get it, it looked so cute and it was really really cheap.And to top it all of, buying it would make it my first handbag.....ever. So, I just had to get it...but there was a catch. 

The bag was fake.

Now keep in mind that in no way on earth would i ever buy anything fake whatsoever (generic yes, fake no). Infact, i don't understand why people would spend money on "guchi", when they can use that same money to buy something similar from more affordable brands.
Now in my defense; i am no label whore, i don't know anything about bags, and I honestly didn't know it was fake until i brought it home to examine - i just picked it and continued digging through a bevy of 80's - 90's blouses, which was my interest in the first place.

Even though i really liked the bag, there was no way i was going to leave the house carrying that mistake...noooo way.
i couldn't return it and i definitely wouldn't give anyone as a gift. Then i decided to make a new bag out of know try out my "diy skills"...i mean what could possibly go wrong, i wasn't going to carry the bag in that state anyways. 
Armed with my trusted glue gun and an old old shirt i went trigger happy putting what little skill i had into practice.

The almost finished product looked too plain so i added an old belt to the bag.
Here's the finished product.

Its no Burberry, but it sure as heck is original.

Tiny Miyo

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Audacity of Hope

I have finally finished reading Barack Obama's 'Audacity of Hope', and I’m still in a state of incredulity as to how some of his personal stories are exact replicate of mine. Obviously, there is a huge disparity in the society where he was raised, age, career, and experiences in life compared to those of mine, but I can still relate to some of the difficulties that posed themselves as obstacles on his path towards greatness. The never-ending scuffle that goes on in my mind about the need to break the cycle and be a better person than my father was as I navigate through life like a voyageur. Barack Obama is indeed a great man and a role model who is worthy of emulation. Here is an excerpt from the book’s epilogue that resonated while I was finishing up the book:

"The audacity of hope. That was the best of the American spirit, I thought – having the audacity to believe despite all the evidence to the contrary that we could restore a sense of community to a nation torn by conflict; the gall to believe that despite personal setbacks, the loss of a job or an illness in the family or a childhood mired in poverty, we had some control – and therefore responsibility – over our own fate…"

I strongly recommend this book to anyone. Next book please :-)