Monday, June 13, 2011

Everybody Dance

I like to workout, i find it repfreshing and cathartic - whenever i need to clear my mind and body, i exercise...its makes me feel better. My only problem is that i get bored easily, teh routine does suck sometimes and as a result of that, i get demotivated. After so many years, i realized the only way to keep me motivated is to do things l really love and incorporate it into my exercise routine. Easy!! i love to clean and i love listening to music.
The cleaning part is pretty much self explanatory..because you burn calories while clearing up the house (Which i think is a great 2 for one deal).
I also like to think i am musics greatest fan,^_^ i love to listen to a good tune all day everyday and i found this to be the most effective way to burn fat and keep fit without losing motivation.
Just put your ipod on random shuffle, listen to the radio, youtube, any medium what so ever...hell, you can get like Beyonce or pre-Kevin Ferderlin Britney Spears (as in my case) and learn all their choreography. Just get dancing and before you know it 20, 30 minutes already gone and you'd be sweating profusely.
What works for me is good ol on the surface cheesy music with a great beat..ace of base, hadaway,no mercy, la bouche, are just a few that always keeps me moving and the results are fabulous.

90'S DANCE MUSIC...that should get you on your feet ^_^

Try learning the dance routine to this video until you get it, and tell me if you wouldnt feel a difference. It's awesome.


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The Corner Shop said...

Dancing is therapeutic!