Sunday, June 5, 2011

My First Handbag

I purchased this cute Lil' Burberry bag from the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I had to get it, it looked so cute and it was really really cheap.And to top it all of, buying it would make it my first handbag.....ever. So, I just had to get it...but there was a catch. 

The bag was fake.

Now keep in mind that in no way on earth would i ever buy anything fake whatsoever (generic yes, fake no). Infact, i don't understand why people would spend money on "guchi", when they can use that same money to buy something similar from more affordable brands.
Now in my defense; i am no label whore, i don't know anything about bags, and I honestly didn't know it was fake until i brought it home to examine - i just picked it and continued digging through a bevy of 80's - 90's blouses, which was my interest in the first place.

Even though i really liked the bag, there was no way i was going to leave the house carrying that mistake...noooo way.
i couldn't return it and i definitely wouldn't give anyone as a gift. Then i decided to make a new bag out of know try out my "diy skills"...i mean what could possibly go wrong, i wasn't going to carry the bag in that state anyways. 
Armed with my trusted glue gun and an old old shirt i went trigger happy putting what little skill i had into practice.

The almost finished product looked too plain so i added an old belt to the bag.
Here's the finished product.

Its no Burberry, but it sure as heck is original.

Tiny Miyo


Bombchell said...

nice modification. lemons into great lemonade.

'Biodun said...

And I was privileged enough to watch you make it :D

The outcome looks beautiful. Well done.

Boma said...

That's genius!! You should do a tutorial :D

The Young Radicals said...

thanks guys.

@boma: im the worst person to make a tutorial, but i will post something up soon enough.

thanks for the comments, its much appreciated.

Billie Monroe said...

i love the revamping of your new thrifted purse!! the studded detail from the old belt gives it a unique pop!!! i would rather find this unique handbag than the original!!