Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Natural remedies

I love natural remedies, i even love them more because its cheap (el cheapo here), and readily available (most of the ingredients needed are almost always in your pantry). More importantly there are a ton of them out there, just waiting on you to try them out...i mean whats the worst that could happen anyways, right? You just have to find what works best for you. Since i am on a journey to get my face back to where it was before my biotin disaster Here are a few tips know i can stand by.
  1. Lemon juice: add lemon juice to cotton ball and dab on pimple several times a day to get rid of acne.
  2. Oatmeal face mask: mix about half a cup of dry oatmeal with water, to make a paste and apply to skin for about 15 mins, then rinse with water. this makes for an awesome facial mask.
  3. Visine: or any eye drop available. Dab it on acne to reduce redness, just as it does for the eyes. Ice and lemon juice also help in reducing redness too.
  4. Oil cleansing method: mix an equal blend of castor oil and extra virgin oil. Castor oil on skin helps to draw out dirt and bacteria trapped on pores, while extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants and acts as a moisturizer. Massage the oil mix on face for a few minutes. For instructions on how to do the cleansing method, click here.

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H.A.W said...

Is your face better now?

The Young Radicals said...

yes its clearing up....the biotin really did me bad with he cyst and scarring, but slowly but surely its clearing up.

Thanks for asking. ^_^

The Corner Shop said...

So these are working for you? great!! Didn't know about the eyeedrop! The oatmeal is kinda weird though lol