Sunday, July 31, 2011

Domestic Violence

Firstly, there shouldn’t be anything like Women’s Rights or Men’s Rights for that will only lead to one destination called favoritism, and the international law recognizes “Human Rights” not “Gender Rights” (But I am sure feminists are already pushing for it that’s if it doesn’t already exist). A right that favors a gender over another is no right at all, and I may be wrong but there is a slight similarity between favoring a gender and favoring a race.

And secondly, women also abuse men and for that I say, to hell with the shallow act of feminism that is misguiding today’s women. You shouldn’t slap your husband and not expect a reaction except if you are both playing with each other. It will take anyone with a good self-control not to react when they are being abused. Most women react after series of abuse by killing their husband’s and claim it is a simple act of self-defense, and most of them end up walking away from a murder case. Others will simply walk out of the marriage instead of staying and getting turned into their husband’s punching bags. Men react by beating their wives but trust the myopic view of the society to overlook the initial abuse by their wives. As a person, I believe that men who hit their women are cowards and should try exchanging punches with someone as able as themselves.

Lastly, I am in no way a supporter of domestic violence because violence doesn’t solve anything, but there should be justice for whoever the alleged “victim” might be – be it male or female. For Christians the bible said, “However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” (Ephesians 5:33). If you love your woman, you won’t beat her. And if you love and respect your husband, you won’t slap him or think it is your birth right to slap him. Respect begets respect. This particular issue was discussed recently by my best friend and I, and she has stopped speaking to me because of it which is honestly fine by me. I will still maintain my stance that slapping your husband is disrespectful.




Anonymous said...

Flawed statement. Womens right is as necessary the same reason the civil rights movement was. If you know your history, you'll know that thanks to womens right, we are now able to vote ( believe it or not we weren't allow to vote). We are also able to advance in workplaces and not end up as secretaries or homemaker.

You need to do your research before making such flawed opening statement. If our right were given to us in the first place then there wouldn't be any need but it wasn't, and like minorities we not only had to earn it, we fought for it. Womens right is needed and it's recognized and I believe it most strongly needed in 3rd world and developing countries were women have no voice for themselves. So you saying there shouldn't be is saying there shouldn't be civil rights movement and It's also almost offensive that when we struggle for the most basic and common civil rights we automatically get labeled as feminist.

'Biodun said...

Blah Blah Blah! Stay on the topic and don't deviate from what's being discussed here. I’m talking about women’s right with respect to domestic violence and not breaking the glass ceiling for women in offices. It is not a flawed statement and neither do I need to do research to state my point that misuse of the feminism agenda is cruel and damaging to our societies. We can go on and on with what has been achieved for women by the feminism agenda but what good is an agenda when it is being misused? You slap your husband and you think that is right, and he is not suppose to react?

dami said...

I completely get your point...and when I studied human rights...i constantly harped on this point (teehee 'harped')...women are not arguing for equality...they are arguing for favoritism! But maybe favoritism is needed to get to equality? Plus men and women are completely different and rights always have to recognise this- we can never in the true sense of the word- have equality.

Anyhoo- domestic violence- its never acceptable for a woman to hit a man just cos shes weaker! cmon- equality right?

Anonymous said...

Feminism, domestic violence, human rights, favoritism. Whoa, slow down!

1) Domestic violence, or specifically spousal abuse is far more likely to be directed at women over men. Please check out the pixel project for information
2) Women's rights, should be distinguished from human rights. As, abuse can be directed at being a female human. Female genocide, female genital mutilation, female reproductive rights, female rights to vote and female honour killings. The above abuses occur as they are female, not just humans. African-American (males) could vote in 1867. For women, it was not until 1919 in the USA. I'm repeating myself, but I want to highlight that women's rights can be distinguished from human rights.
3) Laws make a difference. Women's right to vote, property rights, reproductive rights, equal opportunity in the workplace are governed by law. Hence, unique campaigns for gender rights.
4) Feminist and there are many types, don't believe in slapping men. I am sorry you had a disagreement with your friend, but it is a massive overstatement to blame her behaviour on feminism!

OK, in a developed country like Canada, Australia and the USA men and women are on a fairly equally playing field. This has been brought about by feminists(both males and females), that believed they should have a equal footing in their public and private lives to males. African-American (males) could vote in 1867. Favoritism appears when we both genders are equal. Outside of developed nations there is a disparity between genders, and that needs to be rectified. Hence, women's right, as well as human rights improvements.