Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ode to Curves

I am as straight as a zipper and flat like a board, so when i see curves in the right place i appreciate. I love fashion blogs but sometimes i just get tired of seeing the same ol same 'ol skinny minis (myself included)...not that i have anything against it, i love my body and still read their blogs like a bible, but i feel a breathe of fresh air whenever i see curvaceous women, strut their stuff  *jealous*. What can i say, i like women of all sizes...but i much rather prefer sexy curves and stuff (no homo). So here's my homage to the goddess, with sharp curves that cuts like a knife.

 Kim K.

 Marilyn Monroe

 Sophia Loren

Ava Gardner


Crystal Renn

Anita Ekberg

Special Shout out to vogue Italia...the only Vogue mag that dares to go where most main stream magazines shun and fear.



Beeba said...

Makes me feel better about my body ..

'Biodun said...

They're all beautiful women.