Sunday, July 3, 2011

When bad weave happens to Nigerians

The lastest craze that doesnt want to die off is long long crazy expensive brazillian/indian/exotic uncircumcised virgin hair or whatever they call it these days. Now i am all for good weave and good hair but, hey guys there are limits to things. This is my little tribute to why we seriously need to kill of this reigning fad.

The current Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (Miss Taraba)...well, she ain't going to qualify for to enter the venue with that hair... talkless of the competition.

Nollywood actress Empress Njemah, officially has dead hairy things on her head, scary hairy things *shivers*

Some random chick, who should have known better

smh, really? like really? oge okoye playing rapunzel. Is that hair or scarf?

Not sure which is worse on actress Ini Edo, the bad outfit or the lace weave/National theater on her head

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike...what sort of locks is that.. Shirley temple on crack?

Toni Payne..smh, looking more hobo-ish than stylish with the mistake on her apex

yeah....I give up, 

Moral of the pictures:
Because the weave is long and expensive, doesn't make it good. 
Be wiser next time ladies.



Gbemisoke said...

I'm laughing so hard!!
I'm thinking "they should know better" while also hoping there's no incriminating pic of me in cyberspace from when I didn't know better :P

The Young Radicals said...

lololol, don't worry...from your blog, you seem wiser than that.

thanks for visiting.

now following you

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Ouch! This is painful to see.

However, I have seen occasions where good weaves happened to 'bad' faces. LOL

Muse Origins said...

ROTFLMAO!!! I love this post! As in...! Can't these babes see what's going on with their hair? Amazing!

PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

Anonymous said...

LMAo! this is just too poor mehn.

they always feel because the hair is expensive it makes them the shit.. lol.. FAIL!

With Love from Ade... said...