Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joyce Bryant

Who is Joyce Bryant?

Not many people can easily recall her name along with famous great singers blues/jazz singer of the 40's.  This is probably because she wasn't given much commercial air time, not just because she was black but because her music and style were considered too risque for the public.

Renowned for her four and a half octave range, she was most notably famous for her stand out style - that is, her signature silver hair and fitted clothes which adopted when she had to perform along side Josephine Baker. Apparently, she didn't want to feel upstaged so she decided to re invent her style by dousing her hair in silver radiator paint, silver nails, silver mink coat, all silver everything.

Queen of body con provocative outfits, her style and demeanor spewed sex, and i love it. I love that she stood out from the rest, and that makes her a diva bombshell in my book.

Famously known as the bronze blond bombshell and the black Marilyn Monroe, Joyce Bryant the oldest of seven children was born in Oakland, but raised in San Francisco.  Married and divorced by 14, and by the 40's she was at the peak of her career. By the mid 50's she quit her music career for religious reasons and enrolled at oakland university where she became an evangelist. Not the typical diva ending, and not much is known about her later life, but im glad she found her calling.

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Another Black style ICON!!! I love her style! all her dress can be worn today hands down!

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Thank you for educating me about this amazing woman.

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