Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something To Hold On To


Ag said...

There is nothing more beautiful than being in love and having trust worthy and loving friends! Friends that are so close that they become your family!

'Biodun said...

You have no idea that I can relate to what you have said. Just like your family you have boundless love for some friends and in fact you are in love with them. It comes with the family package as well. They piss you off, they insult you sometimes, and they do certain things that will prompt you to want to slap their heads, but above all you love them and you will stick your neck out to do absolutely anything for them. I love you Timi :D

henriettaaw said...

Love... hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

By looking at the picture, I felt like you killed a horse.. Animal rights should do something.

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