Monday, September 12, 2011

Fabric of Reality

Trees work in mysterious ways. A branch from a tree is a miniature replica of the whole tree. It is not identical but similar in nature to the whole. This fractal structure may actually describe the very fabric of reality, meaning the invisible structure behind all existence has the shape of a tree. In this way, the tree goes beyond being a mere symbol of the universe and is actually an echo of how reality is shaped. I see this pattern of the tree everywhere.

One of my favorite displays at the recent popular “Body Worlds” exhibition was a hauntingly beautiful tree of plastic blood. It was an actual human circulatory system made solid with the process called plastination. Everything else was stripped away, leaving only an intricate array of branching veins.
The tree pattern is inherent in any ontological system. The many species of the animal kingdom are best organized and charted as the branches of a tree. - Mark Ryden.

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