Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What have i been up too...

.. I have been doing some soul searching a lot lately, and in the process i have found a way to incorporate a few of my hobbies with my love for "vintage" ;-) into a profitable venture, (i hope i said that well without been too  patronizing). Thankfully the process was super easy to materialize because my family have been very helpful and i have a super super cool friend (hueyflygerian), who has been more than just a support system - he's also a web designer. 

Long story short, i plan on making an online shop where i can sell products i make and vintage finds. Just everything and anything that's timeless, classic and stylish. So, far its been going on well; i'm organizing what i need, researching (yes research, lol), and slowly but surely everything is going accordingly.

What's it called? ColetteClayton - aptly named after my parents. The store is still under construction  but i've been doing  mini promos here and there online, (tweeting and on tumblr, obviously). 

I can only pray to God, it does actually pay off. 

In the mean time we do have a tumblr page, click here 
Follow us on twitter: @coletteClayton.


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