Thursday, October 20, 2011

When bad weave happens...yet again

 I love my African ladies, but this....this is an epidemic that needs to stop y'all. I have no words for the shocking pics that has slowly been circulating around the Nigerian entertainment blog world.


This is a special edition feature our very own Nigerian model, Isioma Onyebo, channeling hair icon extraordinaire, Chantal "SMHiGiveUp" Biya (Ps: Chantal, you better warn Paul...look what happened in Egypt and Libya, just saying).
Left: Chantal Hairnomous Biya. Right: Isioma Red Hotmess Onyebo

She must be thinking she's Veronica Lake here...nah look like a synthetic weave on fire. Not Sexy!!!

Looks like her hair is forming a mountain *now singing* climb every mountain

SMH, girls, girls, girls, Hair weave is NOT by force, i repeat NOT by force.



Muse Origins said...

Lol at this post!!! LMAO

Muse Origins

Style City Rocs said...

This bad weaves story again....the federal govt of Nigeia needs to ban this virus asap!!!