Sunday, December 18, 2011

The APD skirt

Okay, i know this is another to shop for this look, but this one is especially special to me, because i made it. Yes i made it - I designed, cut and sewed it. and i'm quite proud of its outcome. It runs in a medium/large size (i am a small/Xs), so it doesn't fit me (meaning the picture doesn't do it much justice, since i modeled it..and i'm not a good model at all).

So if you fancy this look and much more, click here.
$12 (pretty cheap considering the fact that you are going to be the only one with this outfit...i'm sure and other stores sell similar skirts for $30 and above :D).

ps: I ship worldwide...even to mars.

Thank you.

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TemiTemi said...

this skirt is so cute!I'm so loving it!<3