Monday, January 23, 2012

A couple that prays...

I am not one to look at couples in admiration or even entertain the idea of relationships, but for the first time in church (only but a few minute though) i saw this couple and i couldn’t help but admire them as they prayed together. The guy held her hands ever so tightly, as they embraced each other bowing their heads and praying together. Boy I tell you, young couples who are clearly in love, not only with each other but also with God, is a sight to behold and celebrate. For God is a foundation that can never be broken and i thought it was pretty cute. Even though i knew i was supposed to be praying, I just kept staring and saying to myself…if ever i get into a relationship, may God be the center and in him may we build upon and also have the enthusiasm as they seem to have in my eye.
Love can be a beautiful thing…sometimes.

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