Friday, January 13, 2012

The look for less...

Not sure how many of us can afford a gucci ready to wear of the runway new season look. If you can, then awesome…for those fashion lovers who can’t…well, we just have to either wait till its on sale (which would still be expensive) or get the look for less (smarter choice).

When gucci showed of its Spring 2012 ready to wear collection, there was a noticeable trend everyone could not ignore - Art Deco. Gucci’s head designer, Frida Giannini, admitted to drawing inspiration from architectural, geometric, 1920’s flapper style and fashion commentators argue that its her best collection yet.

Above on the left and right are two jackets from the Gucci collection each cost well over $5900 (check, i ain’t kidding). Well that’s all fine and dandy, if you can afford the awesome looks.

If you love and want the look but cannot afford it, you can always get a similar, yet affordable look for less (pictured in the middle). It is a high end boutique vintage Andrea Rosati jacket, that features a detail unique white and black geometric embellishment. At only $15, its a steal.

To shop the look for less, click HERE


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