Friday, January 6, 2012

The pot of life

This is an old Nigerian movie set in the old Benin kingdom. Its called THE POT OF LIFE, anyone who grew up in Nigeria should be familiar with this movie.
Well, this movie takes on a special meaning to me most especially because the protagonist, Amiwu was played by my moms sister. You see, my mum never allowed us to watch the movie anytime it was on when we were kids and i noticed every time it was on, she cried or felt sad, so i stayed clear. Well, that’s because her sister died (as a result of sickle cell) after the movie was done. So i never got to watch the movie…and also see her sister because she died before i was born. My mum lost 3 out of her seven siblings from sickle cell. 
I never ever thought i would find the movie and lo and behold the power of youtube. I finally get to watch it and see her, what she sounded like, etc. It’s pretty exciting and weird at the same time. I see the comments on youtube asking what ever happened to her/what killed her/ they here she died after the movie…its all sorts of weird to me.
Ironically, in the movie she was to hold the pot of life to the other side in order for the Oba (king) to be cure from his sickness. Basically, she was the sacrifice, meant to die prematurely to save the Oba.
Now if only the dude who posted it can post the remaining parts.


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