Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What becomes of a broken hearted...

Can you really die of a broken heart? 
Well experts believe you can actually, I repeat, literally die of a broken heart, *rolls eyes*.  Dr Chris Mcgovern tells the folks at GMA health that only post menopausal/middle aged women suffer from what is now known as the Broken heart syndrome. 
0_O you have got to be fucking kidding me right?  Wrong…after a few research, and by that i mean google search, i found that this is in fact true. 0_0 How terrible, right?
What happens here is that it occurs when there is an increase in stress as a result of emotional and psychological distress that comes with the end of a relationship, big fight, and also loss of a loved one (well, i’ll be). The symptom mimics a heart attack (you know; stiff chest, shortness of breathe, lightheaded feeling etc), and eventually the heart swells like a lil’ clay pot and BAM!!!, death. 
All i can say is, that shit cray!!! and why women alone..if we are going to die of a broken heart why can’t men die of one too. I demand fair and equal death opportunity when it comes to a break up *raises sign and matches around*. Damn you hormones!!!!! damn youuuuuuuu. Isn’t mensuration and child birth enough pain, damn you. As a consolation, the condition is treatable and usually reverses itself in about a week…until you fall in love again and have it broken by some fucking jerk.
I suppose this is the time to post this song.

Have a heart break free week y'all


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