Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The ColetteClayton Sac bag

This is literally a one of a kind hand made Ankara animal print sac bag. Great for all occasions and very spacious. Black lining inside. Label: ColetteClayton, $12. 
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Monday, February 27, 2012

30 Insane facts

  1. A species of cricket has the biggest testicles known to man.
  2. Kim Jong Il denied his son succession rights because he tried to go to Disneyland!
  3. A man survived BOTH the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs!
  4. During World War I, homemade gas masks were made by PEEING on a cloth!
  5. Approximately 80% of a child’s intelligence is acquired from the mother.
  6. A study suggests a simple tilt of the head makes you more attractive. Women look sexier when they look slightly up.
  7. Without a point of reference, humans CAN’T walk in a straight line!
  8. Women tend to eat more when there are no men around. They consume more when in larger groups of females.
  9. Alcoholic beverages contain ALL the minerals necessary to sustain human life!
  10. Smoking damages your body within MINUTES, not in years as previously believed
  11. A woman has filed a $1 TRILLION lawsuit against P. Diddy, and CLAIMS that he caused 9/11.
  12. Before toilet paper, people would wipe their butts with fruit skins….Aren’t you glad you were born in this generation.
  13. The human body is at its lowest ebb (lack of viguor/ at your weakest) between 3 am and 4 am — The most likely time for someone to die in their sleep.
  14. Drinking mass amount of pineapple juice will make your semen and other bodily secretions taste sweeter. Guys if you want her swallowing, you got to keep drinking.
  15. Calling 1 (781) 452-4077 will actually put you through to the Hogwarts Hotline, where you can learn more information about the school.
  16. Only 3 kinds of animals form armies and go to “war” — Humans, crows and ants (yeah, war with my foot).
  17. Africa is the only continent that occupies all four of the Earth’s hemispheres!
  18. The dinosaur bones in museums AREN’T really bones!
  19. Birds wouldn’t be able to survive in space, because they need gravity to swallow.
  20. Subway was started by a 17 year old to pay for med school!
  21. Despite conventional wisdom, men are actually more romantic than women.
  22. The cost of the halftime commercials during the Superbowl could feed the world’s entire refugee population … twice
  23. Scientifically speaking, the color pink doesn’t exist and should be called “minus green”.
  24. Snow White and the 7 dwarfs was actually based upon cocaine & the 7 dwarfs were each side effects from the drug.
  25. People born in 1995-1999 have lived in three decades, two centuries, and two millenniums. & they are not even 18 yet.
  26. Psychologists say a crush only lasts for 4 months - when feelings last longer, you are considered to be “in love
  27. “Naked” actually means to be unprotected. “Nude” means unclothed.
  28. The human brain will learn any word it hears 160 times in 14 minutes.
  29. It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota.
  30. Genetics can affect when a person will lose his or her virginity. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The passing of a legend

Whitney Houston (1963-2012). May God rest your soul and comfort your family at this low low point.
I’m pretty stunned and can’t even believe she’s dead. Pure talent, genius entertainer. So sad she had to go so early.
Rest in Peace.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Power Jumpsuit.

This is a luxirious and edgy black vintage jumpsuit with a cut out back and pleated bottom. Its long sleeve and cinched at the waist. Features zipper, two buttons at the back of outfit.
Size: 5 (Fits a Small), Length: 55". $40 (we ship worldwide).


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sequined Jacket

This vintage blue and black sequined jacket is a statement piece.
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Blue Jumpsuit...

This short sleeve, wide leg jumpsuit features a classic blue and white print with subtle romantic neckline. Contains zipper at in the back. Not lined, (Belt not included). Measurement: 52.5”
Size: Medium. $15
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

She Wears Short Shorts

Even though i have a love/hate relationship with sewing, i must admit i do enjoy making shorts nowadays. After much practicing, I've improved alot, ^_^ much so i think i might make a few to sell on ColetteClayton. My only problem would be making different sizes since I'm only used to making clothes for myself (This is why i need those not so cheap adjustable body forms :( ).
In a totally unrelated story, I HATE HAIR SHRINKAGE. Washed my hair today and it shrunk like a bitch (not that bitches shrink)  .\/. So ANNOYINGGGGGG, cos i dont want to do a blow out, so i have to stick with this length until further notice. Oh well, *Shrugs*.

Have a blessed day Y'all


7 Things A Man Should Never Get Away With In Bed


  1. Refusal to use protection: Even if he is 100% certain that he is clean, he should have the decency to know that his telling you that will not give you the peace of mind you would need to sleep unprotected with someone without proof. It may be harsh but, if a guy tries to talk you out of using a condom, or even shows disgust or irritation over you suggesting it, walk out.
  2. Tug-a-war:  Tug-a-war of any kind is not okay. A guy trying to guide you into a certain position that you are clearly resistant to, or into a certain act that you obviously don’t want to do— is never okay. Some guys try to get away with not talking to you about it. They think that if they don’t technically ask you if it is okay, then you didn’t technically say no. So they think they can just keep trying to use their body to direct you into doing something you don’t want. But they aren’t clueless. They can tell when you are resisting. If they keep pushing for it, call the whole thing off.
  3. She did it: Don’t ever let a man convince you to do something by saying that his ex always loved it, or saying other females tell him they’ve enjoyed it, or trying to call on his “references.” That is just another form of intimidation; plus, the last thing you need to visualize at such an intimate time is this man being with someone else.
  4. Leaving you to clean up the mess:  Let’s be real…sex can get a little messy sometimes. Don’t ever allow a man to just toss a towel your way when it’s over and go off to check his email, shower or (god forbid) leave. If he even tries this, demand that he come back and clean up. Demand some respect. And never call him again.
  5. Phoning a friend:  Be it a one night stand or a long time boyfriend, it is your decision whether or not a guy can tell his friends what has just happened. Some men think it’s okay and even funny (so immature) to pick up their friend’s call when they’re still panting post-coital and tell them “I’m in bed with so and so.” Unless you two are in some sort of a relationship in which you have established you both find that humorous or are at least comfortable with it, it is highly disrespectful for a man to do this.
  6. Frustrated over not finishing:  Never is getting angry the way to go in terms of getting what you want in the bedroom. If you finish before your guy and you are just exhausted, or visa versa, no one is entitled to a temper tantrum. That being said, if you’re in a long-standing relationship with a person who does not prioritize your satisfaction enough and who you know has the energy left in him to satisfy you, but is just being selfish or lazy, definitely say something about it. Just don’t pout or name call.
  7. Fear of eye contact:  I get it—looking each other in the eyes for a long time during sex can be awkward and even ruin the mood. But some men are terrified of eye contact during sex. They only like positions in which there is no eye contact. They frantically whip their head around trying to avoid your eyes if you are looking at them. For many women, this can make them feel objectified. If you’re in a long-standing relationship with a man with this problem and it does disturb you, talk to him about it. Even suggest he see someone professionally to handle the fear.
Source: MadameNoire


Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bikini

Micheline Bernardini, wearing the First Bikini
Annette Funicello, 1963. Beach party.

  1. Named after the testing site for the atomic bomb, Bikini Atoll. 
  2. The first ever bikini was designed after newspaper article about the atomic bomb.
  3. The first person to wear a bikini is  Micheline Bernadini on July 5, 1946 at a poolside fashion show.(pictured above).
  4. She was a french stripper. The inventor couldn't find a model to wear his creation.
  5. The first bikini was 30 square inches of fabric.
  6. The pope banned the Bikini, and it shunned by mainstream society.
  7. Bridgitte Bardot reintroduced the bikini into popular culture, 7 years after it was invented. She wore it at the Cannes film festival (french women started buying it after this incident).
  8. Louis Reard (1897-1984), an automobile engineer invented the bikini.
  9. Annette Funicello, member of the mickey mouse club was the first American celebrity to wear the Bikini on film, showing her navel. This was strongly against the wish of Walt Disney himself. She made it acceptable to wear one...since she was considered as an all American wholesome good girl.
  10. American government arrested anyone in a bikini for most part of the 50's. The 60's changed everything.
  11. Brian Hyland sang itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini as an ode to well, the bikini.
  12. Feminist in the 60's used the bikini as a political statement
  13. Raquel Welch brought sexy back to the Bikini...far cry from the wholesome piece Annette made it to be.
  14. The string bikini became popular in the 70's...becoming hypersexualized.
  15. Sports Illustrated took the bikini to another level. Causing women's groups to be divided and upset. On one side, some debated it empowered women to wear whatever they felt like...on the other side, other feminist argued it belittled women showing them in different light (objectifying women).
  16. Another iconic Bikini moment. The infamous gold bikini Carrie Fisher wore in the 1983 Star wars, return of the Jedi.
  17. In the 80's, the bikini was used as a workout weapon. "Get that bikini body" was born.
  18. The Bikini; created by man, immortalized by women would always be a legend in its own right.

19 year old Brigitte Bardot at cannes in a Bikini...Shocker

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star wars.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Donna Ricco dress


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Length: 38" 
Size:10(medium), $12.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Had alot of time on my hands today, so i decided to put it into very random use.

I am really grateful to be able see this new month...and I cannot wait to celebrate each day. You know one never really knows how lucky they are, until you hear stories of people that didn't it make or what others are going through. Case in point, the Marietta pile up that happened just a few days ago, claimed 10 lives...which included a family of four, leaving behind their daughter, who is not only critically injured but has no insurance and is an illegal immigrant, terribly tragic i tell you. :(
Makes you appreciate all you've got and your family and everything in between. So breathe in and thank God. You're alive.

Happy New Month 




The Kente Bow tie, $7
One Size Fits All
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Happy New month. May Your months always be better than the last.