Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bikini

Micheline Bernardini, wearing the First Bikini
Annette Funicello, 1963. Beach party.

  1. Named after the testing site for the atomic bomb, Bikini Atoll. 
  2. The first ever bikini was designed after newspaper article about the atomic bomb.
  3. The first person to wear a bikini is  Micheline Bernadini on July 5, 1946 at a poolside fashion show.(pictured above).
  4. She was a french stripper. The inventor couldn't find a model to wear his creation.
  5. The first bikini was 30 square inches of fabric.
  6. The pope banned the Bikini, and it shunned by mainstream society.
  7. Bridgitte Bardot reintroduced the bikini into popular culture, 7 years after it was invented. She wore it at the Cannes film festival (french women started buying it after this incident).
  8. Louis Reard (1897-1984), an automobile engineer invented the bikini.
  9. Annette Funicello, member of the mickey mouse club was the first American celebrity to wear the Bikini on film, showing her navel. This was strongly against the wish of Walt Disney himself. She made it acceptable to wear one...since she was considered as an all American wholesome good girl.
  10. American government arrested anyone in a bikini for most part of the 50's. The 60's changed everything.
  11. Brian Hyland sang itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini as an ode to well, the bikini.
  12. Feminist in the 60's used the bikini as a political statement
  13. Raquel Welch brought sexy back to the Bikini...far cry from the wholesome piece Annette made it to be.
  14. The string bikini became popular in the 70's...becoming hypersexualized.
  15. Sports Illustrated took the bikini to another level. Causing women's groups to be divided and upset. On one side, some debated it empowered women to wear whatever they felt like...on the other side, other feminist argued it belittled women showing them in different light (objectifying women).
  16. Another iconic Bikini moment. The infamous gold bikini Carrie Fisher wore in the 1983 Star wars, return of the Jedi.
  17. In the 80's, the bikini was used as a workout weapon. "Get that bikini body" was born.
  18. The Bikini; created by man, immortalized by women would always be a legend in its own right.

19 year old Brigitte Bardot at cannes in a Bikini...Shocker

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star wars.


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