Tuesday, February 7, 2012

She Wears Short Shorts

Even though i have a love/hate relationship with sewing, i must admit i do enjoy making shorts nowadays. After much practicing, I've improved alot, ^_^...so much so i think i might make a few to sell on ColetteClayton. My only problem would be making different sizes since I'm only used to making clothes for myself (This is why i need those not so cheap adjustable body forms :( ).
In a totally unrelated story, I HATE HAIR SHRINKAGE. Washed my hair today and it shrunk like a bitch (not that bitches shrink)  .\/. So ANNOYINGGGGGG, cos i dont want to do a blow out, so i have to stick with this length until further notice. Oh well, *Shrugs*.

Have a blessed day Y'all


1 comment:

lolita said...

Loooove those shorts so beautiful <3 x