Monday, April 2, 2012

Diy Cosmic glitter shoe

Lets face it, if you spend long hours on tumblr like i do (covers face), you'll notice that cosmic/glitter print or pattern on clothes, shoes and accessories are all the rage. I'm not one to follow trends but there are a few stand out pieces... like the Jeffery Campbell cosmic lita shoe that stands out to me. Being that i love a good diy project i tried to make my own bootlegged not quite cosmic version of it with an old...old shoe.

Okay, here's what i used to get an almost similar look (more like a marriage of the looks above)

  1. mod podge
  2. violet, blue and black glitter
  3. foam paint brush
  4. disposable plate and kitchen towel (for a clean work station).
So I mixed the glitter and mod podge together and used the brush to apply to the shoe and let it dry....and.....that's it. Easy stuff. It can get a bit messy so you have to be very careful.

and my end result.

Happy New Month Everyone.