Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Domestic Violence...

Unfortunately, some people believe that the issue of domestic violence should be handled within the confines of the home and not be spoken about like its a know, turn a blind eye to it because e no concern you. Such sad sentiments is what kills us, especially Africans. 50% of women in Nigeria have been battered by their husbands - 65% of these women are educated while 55% are uneducated (you would think the reverse would be the case). A staggering 92.7% of these cases are NOT reported to the police. And anyone who has ever lived in Nigeria might understand why - in fact the cases of domestic abuse is almost "normal" that most people don't see it fit to report or are afraid to due to the fact that the law doesn't generally protect them or have protection against such cases, they get blamed for it (like it was deserved or she's been vindictive), beliefs, loss of matrimonial home, loss of financial security, fear of starting over or change, etc.
Sadly, there are only 4 states that have legislation against crimes of these kind of abuse... legislation that are not fairly implemented sometimes. Ever so often we begin to hear more and more stories on blogs about women (and in some cases men) being murdered by their significant other. One might think these stories are rather new, but might i also add that it has been a general trend for as long as my 26 years can recall...the only thing that makes it different this time around is the advancement in technology/social media, thereby making news travel faster and what not.
Fortunately, a very few brave victims are able to speak out...share their stories and seek help in hopes that it creates awareness and calls the attention of the society to not sleep or turn a blind eye on this issue. So when i see videos like this, i am more than enthusiastic to share and post, because we can't continue to be quiet, we cant continue to wait until the woman is dead or psychologically damaged, we need to stand up against domestic violence. Period!!!

sources: thisday and youtube 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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The truth from E.Roosevelt.

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Make up your mind.
Don’t be an idol, be an idea. Don’t be a dream, be a don. Don’t be a whisper, be a winner. Don’t be a retire, be a REVOLUTION.